Grandmothers Around World Champion Change

From India to Canada to Argentina, grandmothers are fighting for political, economic and social change, says Paola Gianturco in the book “Grandmother Power.” In this excerpt, she describes how they’ve pushed for rights and why grandmothers globally campaign for change.

Banning Muslim Veil Denies Women a Choice, Too

Forcing Muslim women to cover up can be a huge human rights violation; banning them from wearing the veil is problematic too, says Judith Sunderland in the collection of essays, “The Unfinished Revolution.” In this excerpt, she explains why.

Indonesian LBT Women Exposed to Backlash

CEDAW–the international beacon for women’s rights–does not shine on lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in Indonesia. This is a painful disappointment, given LBT people’s need for protection from a fundamentalist backlash.