After Prison in Syria I Cannot Ever Forget

The author was imprisoned after participating in a nonviolent protest and carrying a sign that read: “Only in Syria: the thinking mind is imprisoned.” Since her Jan. 9 release, she has felt a responsibility to share the stories of those she left behind in that prison cell.

Egypt’s Constitution Vote Rings Sharia Alarm Bells

After three weeks of sometimes violent revolt against Morsi’s pro-Islamist power grab, Egypt is slated to hold a vote this weekend on a controversial draft constitution. For women concerned about divorce rights and FGM, the spotlight falls on the loosely worded Article 10.

Egypt’s Women Keep Showing Power in Protest

Egypt’s revolution is now often described as hijacked and women’s legal rights are seen as vulnerable to an Islamic-style promotion of marriage and family. But in a show of their own force, women keep braving the deadly dangers of street protests.