Libya Liberation Speech Raises Hackles on Polygamy

Libya’s long-awaited declaration of liberation excluded female voices and raised questions about how the tide might turn on matters of family law. The country’s interim leader faced immediate backlash for endorsing a return to unrestricted polygamy.

Egyptian Women Lay Claim to Revolutionary Role

Women who have been joining the Egyptian protests to oust Mubarak minimize the risk that the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood could dominate a future government. If the revolution succeeds, they look forward to playing a part in the transition.

Unmarried Iraqis Endure Risky Wait for Ticket Out

Iraqi war refugees in Syria are legally barred from work while they wait for resettlement. For single women the risk of forced prostitution and sex trafficking is so high that a U.S. legal advocate says they deserve priority refugee status.

Iraqi Refugee Urged to Trade Sex for Food, Cash

An Iraqi refugee woman in Syria cannot, by law, take local work. But her U.N. assistance check doesn’t cover living costs and she doesn’t want a “pleasure marriage” to help her survive. Her children are so unhappy she’s ready to give them up.

Ethiopian FGM Radio Warnings Reach Nomadic Women

Nomadic girls in the Danakil Desert of Ethiopia often skip school to fetch and carry water. But in one settled pocket, girls are going to school and mothers in the past two years have begun heeding radio warnings on female genital mutilation.

Death Threats, Via Text Msg, Scare Congo Reporters

Three female radio reporters in Bukavu, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, have received death threats via a cell phone text message. That’s spreading a chill in a city where three male journalists have been killed since 2007.