New Fighting Escalates Rape in Eastern Congo

Military operations and rebel reprisals in eastern Congo — plus corporate mineral interests — have fueled a surge in sexual violence since January this year. Activists are pushing to hold rapists and companies accountable.

Wage Gap Study Arrives in Time for Equal Pay Day

A state-by-state analysis of male and female earnings provides fresh fodder for today’s Equal Pay Day. Among women with college degrees the widest wage gap was in Nevada. The widest wage gap overall was in Wyoming.

Ex-AID Chiefs Call for More Family Planning Aid

Five former directors of AID issued a report Tuesday calling for a major increase in U.S. overseas spending on contraception. In a press briefing, authors say $1.2 billion could substantially curb population growth and maternal mortality.

Quito Inmates Say Wait Is Its Own Punishment

Women in a Quito jail can languish for years before they see the inside of a courtroom. While they wait, they can earn a certificate and learn a skilled trade. Third of three stories on women in the jail.