Drug Busts Fill Quito Women’s Jail

Most of the women in a Quito jail were arrested on drug-related charges. A researcher says they reflect a trend in women’s imprisonment that has been developing for decades. Second of three stories about women in the jail.

Ecuador Police Seize Foreign Women at Airport

A Paraguayan was on her way home from Ecuador when a man persuaded her to carry bottles of shampoo on the plane. Now she’s in a Quito detention facility with a growing number of women on drug charges. First of three stories about women in the jail.

‘Gravity Birth’ Pulls Women to Ecuador Hospital

As part of a national effort to lower infant and maternal mortality in Ecuador, one hospital runs a “vertical maternity ward” with upright deliveries and the services of traditional midwives. Amid growing popularity, other hospitals are following suit.

Mass Stigma Scars Congo’s Rape Survivors

A psychologist in a Congo hospital says decades of war have produced a rape-friendly culture with a double standard. While perpetrators go unpunished the victims, including children, are ostracized. Amnesty International has issued a new warning.

Syrian Case Tests Tolerance on Killing Kinswomen

Syria just opened its first official shelter for battered women and has enacted reforms favorable to women in recent years. But safety activists can’t rest as long as authorities tolerate families who consider it honorable to kill their kinswomen.

In Syrian Refuge, Women Find Barest Survival

Suburbs of Damascus offer a place to explore how Iraqi female refugees in Syria are managing to feed their children. Women whose husbands are dead, missing or disabled describe turning to low-income jobs, international aid and sex work.