Give Thanks and Please Pass the Potato Fudge

On Thanksgiving, the typical turkey dinner comes with an array of ethnic additions. In this delicious excerpt from her 2008 book, “Thanksgiving, the True Story,” Penny Colman surveys everything from Greek pastitsio and Puerto Rican roast pig to Lithuania headcheese and Chinese fried rice.

For Street Vendor, Another Holiday in Shadows

In New York City, a food vendor celebrates her 20th Christmas without the documentation she needs to visit family back in Mexico. To her, the warm rice and hot tamales that she cooks and sells preserve the cultural connection every day.

Afghan Women Protest; Afghan Activist Killed

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersAbout 300 women marched in the streets of Kabul on April 15 to protest a new Afghan law that restricts their freedoms, despite facing a violent counter-demonstration, the Ottawa Citizen reported. Men shouted at the protestors, who were mostly young women, calling them “whores,” among other epithets, threw stones and smashed the tail-lights of the protestors’ bus. The Afghan police kept the mob at bay as the women marched.Despite the hecklers, the women walked two miles to the parliament building, where they delivered a petition calling for the law’s repeal. The law was signed last month by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and has been criticized for introducing a range of restrictions on women’s rights and legalizing marital rape. The legislation was proposed by Afghanistan’s Shia community and requires, for example, that women obtain permission to work for pay or visit a doctor.More News to Cheer This Week:The Australian Government recently decided to allow the use of its foreign aid funding for the provision of abortion services and information overseas, reported RH Reality Check.

Muslims Push Equality; Judge’s Bias Probed in Trial

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersOver 350 Muslim women from 47 countries gathered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this week to launch a global campaign for equality, the BBC reported Feb. 18, placing reforms to family laws in Muslim nations around the world at the heart of their agenda. The women have started a new organization called Musawah, which means “equality” in Arabic, to push their cause forward.”I believe that Islam has given women equal rights and equal faith,” Saudi women’s rights activist Hatoon Alfassi told the BBC, adding that it is appropriate to criticize and challenge authorities who restrict women. The application of Islamic family law varies across nations, but may deny women the freedom to marry the partner of their choice or to travel or receive an education without permission of a male guardian.The conference, organized by the Malaysian group Sisters in Islam, was held in the same week as the appointment of the first women to a government ministerial post in Saudi Arabia, Agence France-Presse reported Feb. 15.