For Street Vendor, Another Holiday in Shadows

In New York City, a food vendor celebrates her 20th Christmas without the documentation she needs to visit family back in Mexico. To her, the warm rice and hot tamales that she cooks and sells preserve the cultural connection every day.

Women Approach ‘Critical Mass’ in House

Women could reach 20 percent of the House of Representatives this election. It all depends on the 133 women running as major-party nominees. A Democratic tide could help four of them win upsets in Ohio, South Carolina and Florida.

Laura Flanders Takes New Show on the Road

Laura Flanders just took GRITtv–her new TV show about politics and art–to the Democratic convention and as usual women got plenty of air time. “We integrate women with a feminist perspective into all of our discussions,” Flanders says.

Code Pink Flies Its Colors at Conventions

The back-to-back political conventions offer female anti-war protesters in Code Pink a chance to showcase their particular brand of daring and endurance. This week two members tried to upstage Sarah Palin and two more disrupted John McCain’s speech.