NEW YORK (WOMENSENEWS)–SOHO20, an artist-run gallery here, launched a backlash on July 17. The gallery opened an unjuried show for the first time, receiving over 180 pieces in response to a call to action against the “war on women.”

Jenn Dierdorf, SOHO20’s director, said for her the show supplements the gallery’s mission to support women in the arts. It’s frustrating to see issues such as reproductive rights and equal wages consistently facing opposition, Dierdorf added, but she was elated by the enthusiastic participation of both male and female artists in the show.

“The work itself doesn’t have to be political. In some cases, the fact that you are a woman making art in whatever capacity is the gesture itself,” said Dierdorf.

Find out more about this free exhibit, which runs until Aug. 11, in this video.

Sadiya Ansari is a Pakistani-Canadian freelance journalist, currently reporting from New York.