Default Fears Clip Fight for Women’s Retirement

As a U.S. government default deadline looms, last-minute deal-making is intensifying the threats to Social Security, the retirement program upon which women disproportionately depend, particularly African American women and Latinas.

Rape Victims’ Privacy is Matter of Law, Not Shame

Rape victims’ right to anonymity has surfaced in the case of Julian Assange, with two leading exponents of women’s rights taking different sides. Wendy Murphy says both arguments miss the main point: protecting a rape victim’s constitutional right to privacy.

Payroll Tax Holiday Stirs Social Security Fears

The payroll tax holiday may sound like good news for workers, but women’s advocates say it’s a dangerous political weapon in the hands of those who want to dismantle Social Security, which provides a lifeline for many older women.

OWL Fights Obama’s Deficit Hawks on Retirement Age

Obama’s deficit commission is expected to propose a higher retirement age for Social Security on Dec. 1. Older women’s advocates say that will be particularly punishing for low-income women in physically demanding jobs.

Breastfeeding On My Time

I decided to breastfeed my daughter until she was 2 years old. I was the first person in my family to practice what is called extended breastfeeding since the introduction of baby formula.
I thought this was a personal decision, between me and my husband and my child, but boy was I wrong.

Women to Obama: Hands Off Social Security

Obama’s discussion of the economy on CNBC last week included what Susan Feiner sees as an alarming reference to Social Security as an “entitlement.” In fact, it’s a self-funded jobs insurance program that women can’t afford to lose.