Europe: Beware Banks Bearing Micro-Loans for Poor

A few weeks back Susan Feiner spoke at a conference in Valladolid, Spain, to counter this week’s micro-credit summit there. Austerity programs like those proposed for Europe, she says, are women’s real nemesis, not the lack of tiny, high-priced loans.

Cash-Hungry States Could Eat Up Food Stamps

The GOP budget proposal for 2012 moves the federal food stamp program to state control. That recklessly puts 44 million Americans and a disproportionate number of women at risk. It’s wrong and costly to boot.

Paychecks Aren’t Fair, That’s Why We Need a Law

After U.S. senators declined to debate the Paycheck Fairness Act in November, Ann Michaud commended them for doing so in a Newsday opinion piece. Susan Feiner tackles Michaud’s arguments, starting with her analysis of the wage-gap figure.

Women to Obama: Hands Off Social Security

Obama’s discussion of the economy on CNBC last week included what Susan Feiner sees as an alarming reference to Social Security as an “entitlement.” In fact, it’s a self-funded jobs insurance program that women can’t afford to lose.