Women of the Tsunami Face Business Survival Test

Female co-owners of the fish processing Sea Dot unit in Chennai, India, are struggling to keep their comeback enterprise going. After several good years, times have gotten tough. As the economy slackened, so did their sales.

Two Female CEOs Revamp for Climate Change

These businesswomen don’t have environmental backgrounds, but they know it’s time to tailor their business practices to extreme global weather patterns. The fashion designer always paid attention to the weather but now she watches it with an eye to fabric prices.

Women Mark Historic Gains in 2012 Election

[[image-with-caption:{ “caption”: “”, “credit”: “by qwrrty, Tim Pierce, on Flickr under CC 2.0”, “url”: “http://womensenews.org/wp-content/uploads/8152000438_8196275d18_z.jpg”, “width”: 425, “height”: 319, “alt”: “Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally in Auburn, Massachusetts.”, “align”: “” }]]  
(WOMENSENEWS)–Last night’s Nov. 6 election showed the rising might of women both as voters and as candidates.