Kenya Farmers Reap Profits Sown by Joined Hands

Efforts to improve agriculture in Kenya often miss the mark by targeting men instead of women. One woman spent 20 years organizing female farmers to share investments and training. Now men are joining too, and the women’s work is paying off.

Kenyan Who Blessed Palin Chases Witches at Home

Sarah Palin’s Kenyan pastor has made a name crusading against witches and particularly cherishes his victory over Mama Jane Njenga, whom he claims to have run out of his town. But Mama Jane is still there, in her own church just down the road.

Kenyan Mothers Point to Police as Sons Go Missing

In the slums of Nairobi police who thrive on bribery and corruption may have met their match in a handful of mothers whose sons crossed the authorities. A spilled bowl of porridge sparked a protest in June and the women vow to keep the pressure on.

Tanzania’s Missing Girls Rarely Raise a Murmur

Poverty and tradition help fuel a potent business in human trafficking in East Africa, where a girl can sell for $20. Most kidnapped children are not as lucky as Saffi, who returned after her mother bought TV ads. Many disappear without much notice.