Guess Who’s Driving California’s Gender Agenda

The answer is women. Legislation sponsored by women for women is booming at all levels. The governor just signed the nation’s strongest equal-pay law and the mayor of Los Angeles wants a gender-equity plan from every city department on his desk by February.

National Paid Family Leave: 2016 Needs a Champion

This Congress won’t pass it. But with support building on the ground and lessons learned from local legislation, we’re ready as a nation. Now we need a presidential candidate–most likely a woman–who can make paid family leave a priority.

Women Are Prepping to Run, Win and Take Office

Check out all the efforts–new and continuing–to reverse the slide in female office holders. The gender gap in political ambition may be derived from “traditional gender socialization.” These groups are busy lighting torches to spread the light.

Paid Family Leave in California: All is Not Well

No better time than Labor Day to take a new critical look at the nation’s first Paid Family Leave Act. I hailed our state’s law in this space over a year ago. Today I want to backtrack and emphasize the crying need for awareness and implementation.