Iowa Slaughterhouse Worker Fears for Her U.S. Kids

The criminal trial of a Kosher slaughterhouse executive in Iowa has ended in an acquittal, while a former underage worker, now a mother, awaits word on a special visa. Denial of the U-visa means deportation to Mexico and a life of fieldwork that won’t pay enough to properly feed her U.S.-born children.

Deportation of Mothers in Iowa Tests Local Charity

A 2008 immigration raid in Iowa separated women from their children through arrest and deportation with, some say, the children’s fate left to chance. An immigration official refutes that, saying women with children were released on humanitarian grounds.

Coakley’s Defeat Could Have Silver Lining

Martha Coakley’s recent loss in Massachusetts has left health care reform up in the air. While some advocates say there are ways to salvage the legislation, others say both the House and Senate bills would jeopardize women’s reproductive rights.