Iraq Women’s Shelter Responds to Growing Crisis

“The situation is horrific for women in Mosul,” says the president of the Baghdad-based Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq. Women “are being kidnapped from their house by the ISIS warriors and forced into what they call into a ‘jihad marriage.'”

Ohioans Protest Rape Law; Egyptian Victim Blamed

A petition has been delivered to the Ohio State Legislature demanding an end to a rape-related law. Also this week, a sexual harassment case in one of Egypt’s largest universities has sparked outrage after the school’s dean blamed the woman’s outfit.

Iraqi Actors Replay the Tears and Terrors of War

The Iraqi premiere of the play “Nine Parts of Desire” by Heather Raffo opened painful war memories. For players, the playwright and the audience it was a chance to face the past together, in a safe place, and share the benefits of healing catharsis.