Souid Opens Lingo of Lawmaking in New Tunisia

Karima Souid, a foreign-born deputy in Tunisia’s constituent assembly, has broadened the language of lawmaking to include dialectical Arabic, the common tongue. The first of three profiles of women playing active roles in post-revolutionary Tunisia.

Clinton Leaves Her Mark on Congo’s Rape Zone

In the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s recent trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, women’s rights and safety activists in Congo and Uganda reflect on the hope she leaves behind in one of the world’s worst rape zones.

Women’s eNews Philadelphia Leadership Awards 2009

Siobhan "Sam" Bennett, Runner for All Women

Following a career that has spanned congressional candidate, community leader, organizer and businesswoman, Siobhan "Sam" Bennett has found the perfect place for her fighting attitude and political savvy. She is the current president of the Women’s Campaign Forum, an organization that seeks to launch women into elected office.

Pushed to Return to Rwanda, Women Farmers Uprooted

In Uganda’s U.N.-run camps for Rwandan refugees, the July 31 repatriation deadline is causing particular hardships for women. For one thing, it has disrupted many families’ growing season. The last of three stories on repatriation turmoil.