Professor Urges More Translations to Arabic

A Saudi academic and a Moroccan politician outline what Arab women need. The list includes more translations of Western research to overcome regional isolation and longer careers. The academic also says women everywhere are facing a “happiness gender gap.”

Banishing Bedbugs Means Scouring Memory Lane

A reporter’s run-in with bedbugs forces her to inspect or clean every single one of her possessions. A box of childhood keepsakes–from Gloria Steinem’s autograph to Suzy Homemaker toys–reflects on the contradictions of a U.S. girlhood spanning the ’60 and ’70s.

U.N. Tackles Universal Problem for Women: Divorce

Women the world over lose out financially in divorce, say custodians of the U.N. treaty on women’s rights. That’s why they are reviewing what CEDAW says on the matter, with a new general recommendation expected next year.