Child-Care Workers Unionize; Women’s Effort Stalls

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersTwenty-eight thousand child-care and day-care workers voted to join New York City’s teachers’ union, the New York Sun reported Oct. 23. The United Federation of Teachers, the New York branch of the national teachers’ union, has been courting the day-care workers, who are predominantly women of color, non-college educated and live in housing projects, for two years.Union leadership says the victory will professionalize day-care workers by opening the door for higher wages, benefits and extra training. Day-care workers make about $19,000 a year, which is just above the federal poverty level.Union president Randi Weingarten said that any pensions or health care awarded to these government-employed workers will pay off in the long term. The addition of the day-care workers makes the teachers’ union the largest union in New York City.More News to Cheer This Week:University of Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summitt will become the first woman to receive the John R. Wooden Award’s ‘Legends of Coaching’ honor.

Teen Death Steers RU-486 Bill to Congress

The grieving father of a teenager who died after taking the abortion pill has become a powerful ally of anti-choice activists in the fight to ban the drug. Planned Parenthood says Holly’s death is a tragedy but that medical abortion is safe.