Abortion Pill Slated for New FDA Review

The FDA is about to begin a new review of the abortion pill RU-486, which some have blamed for the sudden deaths of four American women. A scientific review of the cases fails to definitively link the drug to the fatalities.

California Weighs Parental Notification

California will become a test case this November for whether pro-choice voters support parental notification for minors seeking an abortion. The initiative will part of a special election called by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his economic agenda.

Pro-Voice Hotline Goes Nationwide

A “pro-voice” peer counseling hotline for women who have had abortions has grown in the past three years. From an initial start-up fund of $500 to a $250,000 annual budget, Exhale is going national.

Nurses Wrestle Schwarzenegger on Staffing

In their ongoing wrestling match with Schwarzenegger over hospital staffing, California nurses are proving to be tough opponents for the former action-movie star. Last week they pinned him down in court with a ruling the governor is now appealing.