Masculinity Question Still Missing From the Massacres

When “boys” keep killing their mothers, children, strangers–committing suicide by mass murder–isn’t it time we took the crisis in masculinity seriously? There are plenty of ways we can help troubled boys and men. The numbers are getting numbing, so let’s do something fast.

World is Ready for Male-Female Leadership Mix

Around the globe, people living in a technological age that values high levels of cooperation, communication and trust say they want leaders with both masculine and feminine traits. That’s a key finding of the best-selling “The Athena Doctrine.”

This Time, a Rwandan Man Listened to Story of Rape

In Rwanda, when women gathered to tell the stories of the rapes they suffered, they often preferred that my male translator kept away. But one day he is there and translates word for word. His reaction shows why rape is not a women’s issue. It belongs to all of us, male and female.