Libyan Congress 17% Female; Profits Up, Wages Down

[[image-with-caption:{ “caption”: “A woman casts her vote in Libya’s July elections.”, “credit”: “Credit: Samia Mahgoub/United Nations Development Programme”, “url”: “”, “width”: 576, “height”: 400, “alt”: “A woman casts her vote in Libya’s July elections.”, “align”: “” }]]

Libyan Elections Give Women a 17% Starting Point

Women’s representation in Libya was bolstered by a “zipper system” calling for male-female parity in parties’ lists of candidates. In a surprise, a liberal coalition edged out Islamists. “Women don’t want to wear the niqab,” says a women’s rights leader.

Libya Liberation Speech Raises Hackles on Polygamy

Libya’s long-awaited declaration of liberation excluded female voices and raised questions about how the tide might turn on matters of family law. The country’s interim leader faced immediate backlash for endorsing a return to unrestricted polygamy.

Libyan Women Challenge Mindset Created by Tyranny

Libyans have lived under a dictatorship for over 40 years and the effort to think and act freely doesn’t come easily. In Benghazi, a small women-led group called Express is waging a psycho-social effort to “Get Rid of the Gadhafi Inside You.”

Gadhafi Said to Order Forces to Rape Villagers

Victim testimonies and recovered material from Moammar Gadhafi’s loyalists point to the widespread use of rape as weapon of war in Libya. Hundreds of women have given testimony; some of which has reached the International Criminal Court.