Granite State May Pass Must-Tell Parents Law

New Hampshire may pass a parental notification law this year and spur other states to follow. Nebraska could take leadership on fetal pain legislation. The second of two stories on anti-choice momentum in the states after the 2010 elections.

Sotomayor Revealed!

The mainstream news media fixated on her “wise Latina” comment and pretended that their Senate coverage did more than just provide Republicans with TV exposure.

Repatriation Roils Rwandan Refugees in Uganda

Rwandan refugee women in Uganda face particular hardships under a repatriation push that started in April, with a July 31 target date for completion, a local advocacy group finds. Second of three stories on women and the repatriation turmoil.

Job Losses Closing Door to Female Homeownership

Heavy job losses in March are raising the specter of more missed mortgage payments. Men suffered the worst unemployment, but women’s personal finances tend to be more precarious, which could put them in the middle of the next foreclosure wave.