Veteran Domestic Violence Remains Camouflaged

Oprah has called the alleged abuse of a U.S. pop star a “teachable moment.” Stacy Bannerman, whose husband is deployed in Iraq, says the same national instruction is also needed about veteran domestic violence and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Chinese Women Gain; Soldiers Report Sex Assault

(WOMENSENEWS)–Cheers Significant progress for Chinese women’s rights have taken place over the past five years, including the creation of 27,000 agencies for women and children, according to a report delivered at the Tenth National Women’s Congress in Beijing held Oct. 28. The government had called women from around the country to attend to the congress and draft a blueprint for women’s progress in the next five years, the South China Morning Post reported Oct. 29.Chinese women are increasingly becoming police, judges, models and politicians, and account for 45 percent of the paid work force. The government is also trying to increase women’s involvement in state affairs and social and economic development, said Huang Qingyi, deputy chair of the All-China Women’s Federation, the nation’s largest nongovernmental organization for women.