Syrian Women Recruit Resisters in Flashpoint Town

In a conservative Syrian town where women are discouraged from going out alone, young women are knocking on doors to recruit others to the resistance. They estimate a couple hundred women have joined a struggle that, nationwide, just claimed over 100 lives in 48 hours.

Professor Urges More Translations to Arabic

A Saudi academic and a Moroccan politician outline what Arab women need. The list includes more translations of Western research to overcome regional isolation and longer careers. The academic also says women everywhere are facing a “happiness gender gap.”

Charge: Sahara Tribal Women Jailed for Adultery

A member of a Moroccan delegation in New York this month described a secret detention center in southwestern Algeria for mothers whose only crime was being unwed. The story’s political backdrop is a complicated territorial dispute in Western Sahara.

Arab Women Savor Patches of Political Progress

As violence continues to spread in the Arab world, women gathered for a three-day conference in Beirut to share patches of progress–mainly in political representation–toward implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the Arab world.

Vagina Monologues Stirs Up Cairo

Proceeds of the first public staging of “The Vagina Monologues” in Egypt last week will go toward one of the few battered-women’s shelters in the Middle East. The performances drew overflow crowds and some public censure.