Cairo Leaders: Suzanne Mubarak Held Women Back

Two Egyptian women’s rights leaders say Suzanne Mubarak controlled their arena and stymied progress. Now they look ahead, with an eye on history. The Algerian and Iranian revolutions were different, but still cautionary for women.

Egypt Has Yet to Feel Impact of FGM Ban

In the year since Egypt outlawed female genital mutilation the government hasn’t prosecuted a single case. Nonetheless, some activists say the law is a tool, among others, for gradually dismantling an ancient tradition.

Arab World Forum Shares Gender Field Notes

Gender research in the Arab region drew conference participants from across the Middle East and North Africa this week. While challenges and restrictions are abundant at women’s studies centers, degrees and programs are growing.

Jordanian MP Celebrates Her Post-Quota Victory

In Jordan, Falak Jamaani won her seat in parliament without relying on the quota system that reserves six seats for women. Activists say her victory is an important milestone of women’s gradual inroads to political representation.