Suburban Philly Women Step Into Voting Spotlight

Pennsylvania women are expected to keep Clinton in the running as they vote in a primary that shares the date with Equal Pay Day. But a Pittsburgh analyst says suburban Philadelphian women are unpredictable and might just give their vote to Obama.

Nicaraguan Activists Press Abortion Legal Case

A case that tests an abortion ban in Nicaragua is being reviewed by the nation’s Supreme Court this spring. Activists say the law imperils the lives of women and it looms large as a symbol of the economic and health inequalities they routinely face.

U.S. Policies Called Bitter Pills for Cuban Women

Cuban women struggle with hardships that range from limited wages that drive many to prostitution to handling most of the housework. Women’s rights activists there say the U.S. trade embargo and other sanctions only make their burden worse.

Matsui Wins Calif. Seat; Bankruptcy Bill to Pass

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersIn a landslide victory, Doris Matsui won a special election Tuesday in California’s 5th District, joining 68 other women in the 435 member House.She will fill the House seat previously held for 26 years by her husband and fellow Democrat, Rep. Robert T. Matsui. Robert Matsui died Jan. 1 of complications from a rare bone barrow disease.In her campaign, Matsui, a 60-year-old lobbyist and former Clinton administration official, emphasized her opposition to Bush administration initiatives on Social Security and taxes and her support for local concerns such as improved flood protection and transportation infrastructure.Matsui was sworn in on Thursday. She filled the only vacancy in the House, making the new partisan breakdown 232 Republicans, 202 Democrats and one independent.– Sen. Joe Biden, a Democrat from Delaware, and Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican from Indiana, introduced a bill on Tuesday to protect women and children in areas hit by war and disaster. The bill urges the Secretary of State to cut off military assistance to countries who do not investigate allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by their troops who are serving as U.N. peacekeepers, according to a press statement from Biden’s office.