Weiner Case Shows Sex, Lies and Power Gap

Don’t assume women are morally superior because we aren’t getting mired in sex scandals so often. A recent survey of professional people finds that adultery rises with rank. It could be women simply have less opportunity to fall from public grace.

Hochul Win Sends Hands-Off-Medicare Message

Medicare-preservationist Kathy Hochul just won a starring role in budget affairs with her upset victory in western New York. But inside the Beltway, not a single woman is on the White House’s special team of budget dealmakers.

Microcredit Skeptics Deserve a Turn in the Limelight

Bad news came this week for shareholders of India’s largest microlender. That offers a chance to tout two writers who always said high interest rates–of 20 percent and higher–were never the best news for the world’s poorest female borrowers.

Money Storms Blow Warren, Sanders Onto Daily Show

Federal budget uproars spread into the states this week alongside the slew of actual tornadoes. Elizabeth Warren, champion of a consumer watchdog agency for Wall Street, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, took up stands on “The Daily Show.”

Wiki Cables Give Women the Reindeer Treatment

Women are off the U.S. diplomatic map. A look at 200 WikiLeaks cables finds no mention of our rights or struggles, says Corinna Barnard, and a recent check of the State Department’s Council on Women and Girls site found a top story about romping reindeer.