12 thoughts on “Infertility Specialist: Embryo Testing Improving IVF Outcomes

  1. I was diagnosed infertility many years ago. For years, I tried to find any solution. Two years ago, I decided on IVF. We did it in Madrid, Spain. The clinic used for the procedure frozen eggs. Our three attempts appeared to be not successful. For long months, I was in total despair. Once my mom showed me the advertisement of one Ukrainian clinic (biotexcom). What is interesting, they use only fresh eggs for the procedure of IVF. The next day I bought a ticket I left there. Despite the small price, the first attempt in this center finished good. I got pregnant. Therefore, you see, sometimes frozen eggs make IVF senseless. So if you have unexplained infertility as I am, try to do the procedure with fresh cells. In the internet, many women say, it gives better results.

    • My sister was there recently. I can`t say that everything was so good. First, they were afraid to go there because of military conflict on the east. However, clinic assured that other parts are completely safe. Well it is true. The atmosphere in the capital is completely calm. Nevertheless, my impression on the country was ruined by the condition of their roads. Sometimes they leave much to be desired… In the clinic, there are so many people. We had to wait for consultation for 2 hours. Anyway, the procedure of IVF was successful from the second attempt. Although in Germany where I live, doctors said I have no chance. I think that fresh eggs are much better than frozen ones. They may help even people, who tried all other methods of infertility treatment.

      • Well, I think that condition of roads is not important. Especially in case, when you want to become mother. That about the East of Ukraine, it is a local problem. The capital is completely safe. It`s true. You say about the great number of people in the clinic itself. Iris, as for me, it shows that people believe them. The small number of people shows, that service in the clinics is not so good. You may find crowds in many medical centers. When I wanted to have a baby, I was ready to wait for days… As the doctor told me, they work only with foreigners and their service responds the international standards. I spoke with many other clients there. Many of them use the service of biotexcom not for the first time and they like the responsibility of it`s staff.

    • I was diagnosed infertility in childhood. My eggs are not suitable for conception. We tried many ways. At last decided to try IVF. Unfortunately, the woman, which was our donor, was the carrier of hemophilia. I was a shock for me. Our child died immediately after labor. He had internal bleeding. Moreover, it’s GB with our high prices… What can one expect from the medicine in less developed countries like Ukraine?

      • Your comment is absurd. My baby was born healthy. So as many other children with Ukrainian eggs. Such situation may happen everywhere. Not all doctors do their work responsibly. I`m not going to advertise Ukrainian clinic. I just wanted to share my experience. My good experience. Look in the internet. Each clinic has negative reviews. So you`ll have the opportunity to read everything what is interesting for you. Then decide to go there or not.

  2. I agree that there can be a lot of reason why women can have infertility issues. While I myself was diagnosed with PCOS I was blessed to have a child with the use of conceiveeasy. Yes, I had irregular periods, hormonal imbalance and ovulation issues but I was able to conceive after using it for a couple of months. Not to mention the free ovulation and pregnancy tests were very useful.

  3. Infertility in women become very common issues today. Thanks to medical science which has progressed so much to treat the infertility problem. Your post is very informative. Thanks.

  4. After years of struggling with infertility, I came to my OB and he discovered on my first visit that I have pcos. He explained what it is and possible treatment options to overcome this obstacle. My husband and I decided to go the IVF route since it gave the highest success rates. Unfortunately, this procedure is rather expensive. That’s why we decided to find some clinic abroad. And thanks God we were lucky to find biotexcom clinic in Ukraine. The price for IVF was very attractive for us (around 30,00 euros for 5 rounds). We sent to the clinic my med document and in 2 days the manager emailed that we could come for free consultation in 2 months. At the appointment day we were in biotexcom clinic. And I was amazed because this clinic was so big. The lines to the doctors were really exhausted but we were ready to wait. And we didn’t regret about it. We received detailed information about IVF treatment. The doctors of the clinic answered on all our questions. We started our IVF treatment in 5 months and I fot pregnant from the first attempt. It was a miracle for us. Maybe the atmosphere in the clinic also helped to get pregnant. My husband and I still can`t believe that we finally have our adorable Brian.

  5. I have a friend who has had a procedure after trials spanning more than 12 years. Today she has a healthy baby of her own thanks to the giant leap science has taken. She used IVF program in Ukrainian clinic biotexcom. Their professionals work with the hardest cases. That clinic organized a kind of medical tourism which is “all inclusive”: from a taxi in the airport to the hotel and meals. It is all in addition to the whole medical program. But the most attractive thing about clinic was that it is cheaper than its Western competitors for the services they provide. She became happy mother. So there is nothing wrong or amoral about fertility treatment. If you are childless and want a baby so desperately in your life, you can understand this. In addition, we can see that more and more women focus on the career rather than family. That is why they delay giving birth to children. But sometimes when they finally decided to have a child, it is too late for their body to conceive. Maybe if we start talking more about this problem, governmental officials will start doing something in this field.

  6. Today, many agencies deal with reproductive medicine. Because there are so many infertile couples around the world! One of the most popular options is when the doctor procures an egg from one woman and select a different woman to carry the fertilized embryo. This way, the biological mother and the surrogate are different women, and neither has a clear claim to the child. I have no experience with it but as far as I know, surrogacy is becoming widely popular. Despite the ban on it in numerous countries. I heard about the medical center in Kiev that is extremely popular among infertile couples. It’s called Biotexcom if I’m not mistaken. I fully understand the curious pull to know what a new person who is literally half of you would be like. Of course, it would be interesting to see what my children would look like. And the whole adoption between surrogate things is interesting. But I’m definitely stood for the adoption, no question about it, but not sure about surrogate yet. It’s too many good kids that need homes. Maybe we shouldn’t be so egoistic?

  7. After 3 years of looking for a good doctor and appropriate clinic, we found such one in Kiev. We now have a precious daughter that we love more than anything in the world. She is everything for us now. If we would have been able to get pregnant when we thought the time was right, we wouldn’t have her. My husband and I met with the doctor from the Biotexcom. One of our friends recommended it to us. Appeared that it was the best decision we’ve ever made! The nurses were really friendly, kind and responsive to our needs. But there were a lot of frustrating silly little things which would wind me up. Such as long waiting times at the clinic, meaning I got back to work late. However, the price for the program surprised us a lot in comparison with other countries where it is conducted. Patience is probably the hardest thing to have when dealing with infertility. But it’s what we need most… that and an incredibly loving and supportive partner.