2 thoughts on “Doctors Push Controversial Strategy to Fight Female Genital Mutilation

  1. This is what happens when you let religious people make the laws.
    The Christian Brotherhood in the US is attempting to impose THEIR own religious rules and regulations on non-Christians: divorce, euthenasia, abortion, prostitution, pornography, birth control, drinking, smoking, gay marriage, homosexuals, transgender people.

    If you don’t stop them NOW …female genital circumcision is the result.

  2. I totally disagree with going down the road of these compromises. The reason is, being from Egypt, I witnessed such changes in the media messages. The medicalisation of FGM was also a form of compromise to make the procedure seem safer in the present time, but it will still have the same impact in the future. In the end, it didn’t make the people less convinced of the custom or procedure, they just changed the provider, and we lost a few years and thousands more girls who had this done to them. The procedure is a form of violation on the girl’s body and I don’t think anyone spoke of numbing the physical pain.