street harassment video

(WOMENSENEWS)– Cady Bohannon learned something surprising when interviewing her male classmates about street harassment: All admitted to catcalling or not stopping friends who were doing it.

“If you do any sort of catcalling, it’s just kind of rude,” Bohannon said in a phone interview. “No one wants to hear that; people just want to be left alone.”

In light of International Anti-Street Harassment Week, April 12-18, Bohannon asked her high school classmates to detail their own experiences with sexual harassment, from both sides. Not surprisingly, female teens detailed how they were on the receiving end of the catcalling.

“I was walking down Lovejoy, trying to see a friend, and all I hear is a bunch of people, saying, ‘Hey yo baby, take your clothes off.’ And, I’m just like, no, that’s not gonna happen,” said Sasha Mendez in Bohannon’s video. “I felt really uncomfortable and everything.”