5 thoughts on “ICE in Albuquerque Chills Battered Immigrants

  1. Undocumented = illegal in my country!
    they are illegal from the first moment they cross the border with out authorization or step off the boat onto American shores.
    Legal guests here know they have nothing to fear. your story is just another sob story,everybody’s got one. Americans are to the point where they just don’t care anymore. Nothing personal. Nothing new here.

    • I’m not sure this comment is at all relevant to the story. “Your story is just another sob story” — who exactly is the ‘your’ referring to?

      Women being abused, and feeling incapable of seeking protection from that abuse, is not just another sob story. Nothing personal? Yeah, actually, being beaten is rather personal. This isn’t a story solely about immigration, it’s a story primarily about domestic violence.

      Hopefully, future comments on this issue can actually, ya know, discuss the issue.

  2. That is sad and my heart goes out to these women. BUT, they shouldn’t expect for police in this country to protect them if they are illegally living here. They should contact officers in there own country for help. They don’t pay our officers for protection because they don’t pay taxes and therefore shouldn’t be protected in the USA.

    • “WomenOnGuard,” I find your comment deplorable. It is NEVER acceptable to say that a woman is unworthy of protection from a batterer. Not to mention the much smaller point, that many, many undocumented workers do pay taxes, further rendering your point invalid.

  3. how in the world someone can say… “my heart goes out to these women” and “they don’t deserve protection”… is beyond me…. may you never know abuse…