A Special Report

The Statistics Are Astounding

Around the world, at least 1 in 3 women will either be physically or sexually abused during her lifetime.

Violence between intimate partners predominantly affects women: in 2001, 85 percent of domestic violence victims were women and 15 percent were men. Women of all races are equally vulnerable.

The news coverage is almost universally disappointing: women’s deaths reduced to a police blotter item or, if she is wealthy or prominent, the focus of a media frenzy. Both ignore how nearly universal the crime is and what steps active citizens are taking to reduce the toll of domestic violence –at home, in the work place, in our communities.

Partnership to Tackle Violence

Women’s eNews provides women across the globe the information they need to fully participate as citizens on their own behalf or on behalf of women in similar situations.

The mission of Mary Kay Inc., based in Dallas, Texas, is to enrich women’s lives. Educating its work force and communities about domestic violence and encouraging change on behalf of all its survivors is integral to Mary Kay’s operations.

Thus, Women’s eNews was delighted Mary Kay Inc. agreed to support this groundbreaking, eight-part series, one that focuses on the larger issues that underlie the police blotter items.

"Domestic violence, rape, stalking and murder threaten and destroy women’s dreams, their families and, too often, their lives," said Mary Kay Vice President Anne Crews, who was named a 21 Leader for the 21st Century by Women’s eNews in January 2006. "We are excited that the award-winning journalists at this nonprofit news reporting organization will be digging into several important domestic violence issues that have not otherwise been deeply explored."

We couldn’t agree more. We hope as you read the following stories produced by this collaboration that you come away with a deeper understanding of the issue and you find it helpful in your daily lives.