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(WOMENSENEWS)–The year 2006 may not equal the 1992 “Year of the Woman,” but it could be the “Year of the Woman Speaker.”

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat who runs her party as minority leader in the House of Representatives, is poised to become the first female Speaker of the House after her party won control of Congress in the Nov. 7 midterm election.

Democratic women are also in line to take over a record number of committees and subcommittees.

Following the election, 57 female incumbents retained their seats in the House and 10 new women were elected. Five other races involving female candidates were still to be decided on Nov. 8.

In the Senate, a record 16 women will serve. Six incumbent women were re-elected and two new women were elected; they join eight others who were not up for election this year.

In the gubernatorial races, five of the eight female governors who ran for re-election won their races, and one other, Sarah Palin of Alaska, will join their ranks. Nine of the nation’s governors will be women in 2007.

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