Jordanian MP Celebrates Her Post-Quota Victory

In Jordan, Falak Jamaani won her seat in parliament without relying on the quota system that reserves six seats for women. Activists say her victory is an important milestone of women’s gradual inroads to political representation.

Arab Women Media Center Code of Ethics

The Arab Women Media Center developed a code of ethics for journalists at its conference in Jordan in June 2007. The code is intended to respect differences among people and was written for all journalists working in the Arab world.

NYC Must Aid Battered Immigrants; Katie Thins Down

A federal judge in New York has ordered the city to reform its welfare system after finding that it illegally prevents aid and food stamps from reaching battered immigrant women and their children, the New York Times reported Aug. 30. Welfare department workers operate from error-ridden systems; because they lack a category for ‘battered qualified aliens,’ the system automatically denies them assistance they are legally entitled to. In addition, agency training manuals do not address the situation.