Senate Undoes Gag Rule; Girl Suicide Rate Rises

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersThe U.S. Senate, led by California’s Barbara Boxer, voted 53-41 to overturn the so-called global gag rule that bans family planning aid for international groups that offer abortion services or provide information about abortion, the Los Angeles Times reported Sept. 7.The Senate bill must be reconciled with the House version of the budget bill, which includes a similar measure that allows the government to provide contraceptives directly to the same groups. Both votes indicate Democrats’ efforts to curb the anti-choice actions of recent Republican administrations. The global gag rule–also called the Mexico City policy–was initiated by Ronald Reagan, reversed by Democrat Bill Clinton and restored by George W. Bush in his first days in office. Bush has threatened to veto the bill.Boxer said the bill “could significantly enhance the health and well-being of millions of women around the globe.”More News to Cheer This Week:A coalition of British parliamentarians is moving to liberalize the United Kingdom’s abortion law to make it easier for women to obtain the procedure, the Independent reported Sept.