Bridge Tournaments Enshrine Gender Double Standard

(WOMENSENEWS)–Events for women only remain very popular throughout the bridge tournament world, one not as lucrative perhaps as golf, but still very much an elite insiders’ game.Recently, Asya Kamsky of Monterey, Calif., has declared she will no longer play in tournaments that include separate events for women, reported The New York Times. Kamsky switched her schedule from playing in a New York City competition this weekend to play at a similar event in Las Vegas. Kamsky is only the most recent top bridge player to protest the women-only games. Late last year, Rose Meltzer became the first female to win an international championship in an “open” field–that is, one that allows either sex to play. By winning the Bermuda Bowl in Paris, described by bridge aficionados as the Wimbledon, Super Bowl and World Series combined, Meltzer became the queen of bridge.”People really believe that women don’t play as well as men,” Meltzer, 59, said in an interview with The Chicago Tribune.