Young Entrepreneur Revives Old Craft in Kashmir

The quality and export of Kashmiri rugs have declined, but one young woman is putting pride and decent wages back into the traditional craft. In a region where such female entrepreneurship is a rarity, she says training makes all the difference.

Chilean Women Rebuild Lives Smashed by Tsunami

Some give up traditional livelihoods and do something new. Others stay put and rebuild from within devastated towns. Throughout the shoreline communities of southern Chile hardest hit by the 2010 tsunami, women are driving a long, hard recovery.

Microcredit Skeptics Deserve a Turn in the Limelight

Bad news came this week for shareholders of India’s largest microlender. That offers a chance to tout two writers who always said high interest rates–of 20 percent and higher–were never the best news for the world’s poorest female borrowers.

Pushed to Return to Rwanda, Women Farmers Uprooted

In Uganda’s U.N.-run camps for Rwandan refugees, the July 31 repatriation deadline is causing particular hardships for women. For one thing, it has disrupted many families’ growing season. The last of three stories on repatriation turmoil.

African Businesswomen Create and Spread Wealth

In South Africa, women are taking advantage of new laws promoting diversity to share and spread the country’s wealth. In neighboring Zambia, another woman builds a hospitality empire from $40. Second in a series on emerging female leaders in Africa.