News Layoffs Aren’t All Bad for Female Veterans

The massive layoffs and cutbacks in news operations are taking a toll on women who worked hard to make names for themselves in a male-dominated field. Sheila Gibbons talks to three veterans who have plenty to say, and some silver linings to report.

Stop the Press Spree Against Working Moms

Elizabeth Vargas returned to TV on Friday to probe employer bias against working mothers. Sheila Gibbons says this and other media, research and political developments, should stop the recent spree of off-kilter “opt out” coverage.

Blog: Gloria Feldt’s Birth Control War

Our e-mail boxes are being filled with responses to Gloria Feldt’s June 28 commentary, "Core Issue Missing in Birth-Control War Reports" Here are many of their comments.
Please share your thoughts about Gloria Feldt’s commentary and the other readers’ responses with us, too.