Fathers Should Act Like Fathers, Not Mr. Moms

“Father knows best” is long gone. But in an era of shifting gender roles, the maternalization of child care doesn’t make sense either. For Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the complementary role that both parents play, with separate but equally fine styles.

Single or Not, U.S. Moms Have Reason to Feel Alone

In this society we toss the placenta, or afterbirth, despite the nutritional benefits that traditional medical practitioners have long understood. That’s analogous to the way we also trash the maternal support services, or “political afterbirth,” that should sustain our mothers.

Child Care Director Is Also Diaper-Changer in Chief

A child care director starts her day by picking up the cook, moves on to menu writing and is focused on ensuring legal safety standards. Her staff makes more than many child care workers whose earnings require them to depend on food stamps.