Canada, Mexico Push Safety; Teen Stats Shock U.S.

Canada and Mexico are confronting domestic violence with centralized agencies and stronger databases for perpetrators and survivors.
Canada pledged $1.1 million toward a centralized family violence center that will serve as a support system for over 3,000 people, particularly Aboriginal women and girls, in Edmonton, the Edmonton Journal reported March 8.

Canada Funds Female Pols; Yet Another Abortion Ban

(WOMENSENEWS)–CheersCanadian women running for office on the Liberal Party ticket will receive a significant financial boost this month, thanks to record donations to the Judy LaMarsh Fund, which supports female Liberal candidates running for parliament.Fund president Alvah Hanrahan announced on Friday that the 73 Liberal women running for the Canadian House of Commons will each receive $2,500 to assist with campaign expenses, up from the $2,000 candidates received from the fund in 2000. The increase is due in part to a $10,000 donation from Dr. Carolyn Bennett, a member of parliament.Women currently represent 21 percent of the Canadian House of Commons; 63 percent of those women are Liberal party representatives, according to the National Women’s Liberal Commission. The Liberal party has held the majority for the past three elections.Canadian voters go to the polls to elect new members of the House of Commons on June 28. The number of Liberal women candidates has increased 12 percent from the 2000 election, and half of those women are new to federal politics, according to a Liberal Party press release.”It is crucial to support women candidates,” Hanrahan said in the press release. “The threat to a woman’s right to choose and the likely cuts to health care that would come from the election of the Conservative Party are both issues that mean we need strong, Liberal women members of Parliament.”JeersDespite a recent federal court decision calling the federal abortion ban unconstitutional, the Michigan legislature this week approved a restrictive abortion bill that incorporates a new standard for when a legal abortion could be performed.In vague terminology and language not found in traditional medical literature, the law bans all abortions after human life is created, defining them as when any part of the fetus is expelled from the body.