In ‘Freeheld,’ Spousal Benefits Are Gripping Drama

“He Named Me Malala” also opens Oct. 2, offering a good intro to the Pakistani schoolgirl who came close to dying for the cause of girls’ education. “The Martian” must also be seen; it’s fascinating and thrilling but there’s another reason it threw me into positive orbit.

‘Obvious Child’ Opens June Movies on Quirky Note

When a rebound man warms her butter so it will spread more easily on her dinner roll, he warms her heart too. It opens June 6 along with “The Case Against 8,” about the overturning of California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

For Can-Do at Cannes, Female Directors Need Money

Join me in offering talented female directors support. Anyone who can help financially can promote female directors either directly or through an organization. I believe that’s the way to get women out of their Hollywood rut.

Film ‘Belle’ Probes Race and Gender in 18th Century

Another truth-based narrative opening May 2 is “Decoding Annie Parker,” about how a breast cancer patient and her doctor strive to prove that the deadly disease has a genetic component. For comic relief there’s “Walk of Shame,” loaded with plot hijinks.