Grandmothers Around World Champion Change

From India to Canada to Argentina, grandmothers are fighting for political, economic and social change, says Paola Gianturco in the book “Grandmother Power.” In this excerpt, she describes how they’ve pushed for rights and why grandmothers globally campaign for change.

Report: 60% of Older Women Can’t Afford Basics

The annual income of the typical older woman was $14,000 in 2010, compared with the older man’s $24,300, finds a March 29 report from Wider Opportunities for Women. More elderly women live alone, which contributes to their financial insecurity.

Marketing of Menopause Creates its Own Misery

There’s no one size fits all for menopause, says Dr. Wulf Utian in his new book “Change Your Menopause,” released this month during National Menopause Awareness Month. In this excerpt he says confusion creates a distorted and negative view of menopause.

OWL Fights Obama’s Deficit Hawks on Retirement Age

Obama’s deficit commission is expected to propose a higher retirement age for Social Security on Dec. 1. Older women’s advocates say that will be particularly punishing for low-income women in physically demanding jobs.