It’s the Economy

(WOMENSENEWS)–With the ailing economy on everyone’s mind, we offer a look at the special burdens the deep recession is placing on women’s shoulders and what economists and policy experts are recommending in the way of relief.

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Job Losses Closing Door to Female Homeownership

Heavy job losses in March are raising the specter of more missed mortgage payments. Men suffered the worst unemployment, but women’s personal finances tend to be more precarious, which could put them in the middle of the next foreclosure wave.

Senate Bill Could Help Women Keep Homes

Women are almost twice as likely as men to hold subprime mortgages. That means the ability of many to hang on to their homes could be tied up with Senate action–expected this month–on a bill to reduce mortgage payments.

Drug Busts Fill Quito Women’s Jail

Most of the women in a Quito jail were arrested on drug-related charges. A researcher says they reflect a trend in women’s imprisonment that has been developing for decades. Second of three stories about women in the jail.