Money Advice Runs Low for Minority Women

April is financial literacy month. Numerous financial-planning Web sites and groups have sprung up to cater to higher-income women but advisers and advocates for lower-income women’s retirement planning say they have the field to themselves.

Women Help Explain Sub-Prime Mortgage Jitters

Rising fears of sub-prime mortgage defaults spooked the financial markets last week. One woman’s story and recent studies show how women are disproportionately vulnerable to this financial liability. Advisors recommend pre-mortgage counseling.

Star Female Entrepreneurs Bask in Global Showcase

Female entrepreneurs often struggle with tiny operations and budgets. Members of Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World, however, have built small empires. Each year they hold an event conceived as a cross between Miss Universe and the Olympics.

Trade Critics Show Little Love for Valentines

U.S. women spend an average of $68 for Valentine’s Day gifts. Behind those trinkets and sweets are often sour stories of foreign women who toil long hours for meager wages, say critics of trends in mass-market U.S. retailing.

Most Corporations Don’t Tell Diversity Data

In the wake of a report that many top U.S. companies fail to publicly disclose their efforts to hire and promote women and people of color, activists express dismay and point to other ways to monitor corporate practices.

Tips and Resources on Holiday Spending

(WOMENSENEWS)–Overcoming the societal message that encourages over-spending at year’s end is no easy task, but many resources provide help. A number of books, Web sites and initiatives aim at finding the true meaning of the holidays.