For Women, Violence a Universal Threat

As the media buzzed about whether the U.S. would sign onto an important document, women at the actual U.N. meeting focused on violence against women around the world. Last in a seven-part series on the Beijing Platform.

Bush Hurts Women When He Nixes Funds for U.N.

As she waits for word on whether President Bush will fund the U.N. Population Fund this year, Pat Orvis lays out her reasons for the United States to make good on all its U.N. obligations. The arrears, she says, cost women their health and their lives.

Give Girls School, Not Domestic Work

As more girls and young women are pressed into domestic work around the world, Pat Orvis held an Internet chat with one who is 12 and working in a household in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sixth in a series on women and education.