Portugal Tests European Stance on Abortion

Portugal, one of four European nations where most abortions are illegal, will vote next month in a referendum to liberalize its laws. The election occurs amid efforts to challenge Portuguese and Irish anti-choice laws in European court.

Polish Woman Denied Abortion Awaits EU Judgment

A Polish woman applied for an abortion a few years ago, but her medical grounds were refused. She wound up carrying the pregnancy to term and losing her sight. Now her case awaits judgment by the European Court of Human Rights.

Morgan Bond Marshals Big Money for Microfinance

A $106 million microfinance bond launched in March gives low-income and mostly female entrepreneurs access to international capital markets. Some hope it will pave the way to lower interest rates for the world’s poorest borrowers.

Health Care Oasis Develops for Women in Sudan

In post-war Sudan, reproductive health care is becoming an everyday topic and reality in the capital, which hosts Africa’s only university for women. Women in rural areas and the war-torn south are largely cut off from such advantages.