Salsa-Dancing, Hard-Hitting Journalist Mom

Our Daily Lives page present excerpts of women’s autobiographies, essays, letters, journals, diaries, oral histories and testimony with the hopes our readers will respond to the authentic emotions and ideas, see a connection to their own lives, and write email us a note. Women’s Enews will post selected reactions from our readers for all to read.This month, Our Daily Lives brings you an excerpt from “Raising Raul” a book now available in paperback. Written by Maria Hinojosa, a mother, CNN correspondent and host of National Public Radio’s “Latino USA,” the book documents the dilemmas an “Azteca-New Yorker-salsa-dancing, goddess-worshipping, hard-hitting journalist, Ivy League-educated, Chicago-raised barrio-living woman” faces when raising a son with a loving stay-at-home visual-artist husband. In this passage, she has just returned from a business trip to Seattle.When I went to get Raul Ariel out of bed at six in the morning, he smiled and hugged me. Everything was fine until he saw his father come down from bed and then I heard Raul Ariel call him something that pierced a hole deep into my corazoncito.He called his father “Mama.”What?Raul Ariel said it over and over again.