pregnancy test

Patriarchy Is the Only Way to Explain Pregnancy Politics

We are witnessing dazzling advances in fertility treatments. But why, as we teeter on the brink of uterus transplants, are women catching more flak at pharmacies for just trying to fill a birth control prescription? And why is there not a single law about male fertility?

Sarah Tyndale

Here’s How I Found One Woman Missing from History

When Nancy Alexander decided to look into her family history, little did she realize she’d discover her connection to Sarah Tyndale, just one of the many women whose stories never made it into the history books.

Woman wearing necklace

Why Women Are Conflicted by the Feminist Label

Feminism’s association with activism is one reason people shy away from it, says Deborah L. Rhode in this excerpt from “What Women Want.” A history of negative media coverage has also fueled this aversion.