Filmmaker Sharpens U.S. Focus on Fistula

A U.S. filmmaker is hoping that her documentary will stir U.S. politicians to do more to alleviate fistula, an easily treated condition that has turned millions of African women into outcasts. Important screenings are planned for February and March.

Sex Workers Offered Seminar on Law, Safety

As a federal bill to crack down on sex trafficking awaits congressional hearings, sex workers are circling the wagons and standing up for their livelihoods. One self-described “unrepentant whore” is offering a seminar on law and safety in Oakland, Calif.

Berkeley Debates Decriminalizing Prostitution

Voters in Berkeley, Calif., are considering a measure that would decriminalize prostitution in their city. If approved, the plan would redirect more social services to prostitutes. But critics say the measure will only enable pimps to profit more freely.