Women Join the Walking Dead

Run date: January 29, 2001 Our Daily Lives page present excerpts of women’s autobiographies, essays, letters, journals, diaries, oral histories and testimony with the hopes our readers will respond to the authentic emotions and ideas, see a connection to their own lives, email us a note. Women’s Enews will post selected reactions from our readers for all to read.This month, Women’s Enews presents the riveting study of women on death row by Kathleen O’Shea. A nun for 25 years, O’Shea is a social worker who does research on female offenders, particularly women on death row. In addition to “Women On The Row: Revelations From Both Sides of the Bars”, she is the author of “Women and the Death Penalty in the United States: 1900-1998” and the co-author of “Female Offenders: An Annotated Bibliography”. Kathleen O’Shea is the only person to have contacted every woman currently in U.S. prisons under a death sentence.It was from the women in the general population that we learned about the five women on death row.That’s how I eventually ended up locked in a tiny room in a women’s prison in Oklahoma waiting for a condemned woman.